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Employee Testimonials

Rita Staffing is the #1 Staffing Agency in Polk County!  There are numerous reasons why Rita Staffing is the best:

    • Rita Staffing goes above and beyond to find you just what you are looking for in the areas of your interest.
    • Compassionate – they understand how important it is to fit in and find you an opportunity that suits you.
    • They don’t just find you a job, their goal is to find you a career.
    • Rita Staffing makes you feel like you are the only one they have to worry about.
    • The wonderful, courteous staff are always looking out for you and keep you up-to-date on job openings.
    • Communication with Rita Staffing is wide open, the staff is there to always be of service to you.


SUMMER H. – The job Rita Staffing placed me in is actually the best job I have ever had by far! I have already completed my orientation last week so I am a full timer there now! I just love it! I have some great friends there and the supervisors and all the bosses are just great! I will definitely be staying with this company for the long haul! I really appreciate you finding me this particular job! You have definitely been a great support for me along with the awesome staff there at Rita! I couldn’t have ever asked for a better temp service to go through! I couldn’t say thank you enough! I will always know that you and everyone there will always be my biggest supporters! I have to say that I may just be Rita Staffing’s #1 Fan! Yeah, maybe I may sound a little corny saying that, but I would absolutely recommend anyone to search for a job through Rita, because great jobs truly can be found there with you! Again, I couldn’t say thank you enough, and I definitely will keep in contact to let you know how its going from time to time. Thank you so much and I hope you and everyone else there at Rita Staffing have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart! I love you all! -Summer

PAM L. – I had the privilege of working with Rita Staffing since 1978.  My first job through Rita lasted 18 years.  And to-date, they are helping me now find that special job just for me.  My hats off to you RITA STAFFING and to the best STAFF I have ever worked with.  May you have much continued success in the years to come.

              • Readiness to find you that special job
              • Interested in you as an individual
              • Takes the time to make you feel important
              • Amazing willingness to help you
              • Stays on top of caring for you
              • The Staff is there just for you
              • Awesome Staff
              • Finds just the right job for you
              • Friendliness from the Staff at all times
              • Incredible Staff – I can’t say it enough
              • Never makes you feel like giving up
              • Greatest Staffing Agency anywhere

VIRGINIA A.I recently retired after working 31 years and found myself with nothing to do.  I had heard about Rita Staffing and thought that might be a good way of keeping me busy.  I went and filled out an application.  Everyone at Rita was so nice and friendly.  It wasn’t long before I had my fist assignment.  Rita understands exactly what kind of assignments I want and do their best to accommodate.    Every assignment has been fun and the people at these assignments have been so welcoming.   I am so glad that I found Rita Staffing. Thank You Rita!

RHONDA B.I am really pleased with my experience with Rita Staffing. The staff there is very helpful in making sure the assignments are a perfect match for both the employee and the employer.  Everyone there has been wonderful in helping me find employment.

MATHEW B. (Civil Engineer)Working with Rita Staffing has been nothing but a true testament as to how a professional staffing agency should be run. The staffers were courteous during the interview process and showed true concern for my desire to work. The tenacious work of the staffers in searching for a job that was a perfect fit for me was immediately evident and the lines of communication could not have been more clear and concise. In less than a week, I had an interview with a company in a field related to my interest and was working for them shortly thereafter. I am very pleased with the time that I put in working through Rita Staffing, and I am proud to say that I have been a full time hire with the same company for over 6 months now. The staff at Rita worked with me every step of the way through this effortless journey from Temp, Temp to hire, to lifetime career, and I could not be more grateful to them for putting me in position to make the most of the opportunity that I surely would not have had without them. Rita got the job done so I could get my career started, and for that, I am forever indebted. Thank you Rita Staffing!

JUDE H.At almost forty years of age, looking to start a new career can be a very daunting task.  I have taken jobs out of necessity and not had the luxury to choose something that I wanted to do.  Recently, I was able to research and explore career paths while still employed and was able take my time in determining what I wanted to do instead of what I had to do.  Admittedly, finding the right fit was something I was not able to do alone.  Dustin Shay at Rita Staffing helped me determine what my strengths and best skills were and married that to my interests.  I highly recommend Rita not only for people who are unemployed but also to people that are unhappy in their current jobs or situations. Thank you Dustin and Rita Staffing!

MARISOL L.I was a stay at home mom for 10 years.  When I was ready to rejoin the workforce, Rita Staffing always accommodated me with a job that fit my needs as a mom with small children.  At present, my children are older, and I’m now able to work full time.  Rita Staffing came through again and was able to place me in a company whose doors I love to cross through every day!

SHARON H.Rita Staffing worked quickly to find me an appropriate job for my career skills & education.  All of the staff is friendly and helpful, I began working within a week of entering their office.  I love my new job and look forward to remaining with the company that I was placed with for a very long time. Thank you RITA STAFFING for your help in getting me back into a stable work/financial situation.

SKYLER J.I worked with Rita Staffing for three years.  It was through this company that I was given multiple job opportunities; chances to learn, grow, and develop in the work force.  Rita’s diligent staff always made it feel as if they were there working for me. They always made sure I was comfortable and knowledgeable about the company and the position I was assigned to. They are hardworking and personable which always made for an enjoyable and positive experience.  Maintaining professionalism, they balanced keeping an employer-employee relationship while creating a friendship and sense of camaraderie –truly making me feel like a part of their Rita family.  My time with Rita Staffing and the friendships I have made with the staff, is something I will always cherish and hold as an optimistic and enlightening moment in my professional career.

JENNIFER H.Over the last six years, I have worked with Rita Staffing as a client and a candidate in search of new opportunities. During this time I have worked with several people there and it is clear that providing top notch customer service is their number one priority. I continue to recommend them to everyone I come across that is either searching for a new job or looking to fill a position.

THAD E.Rita Staffing is a kind and efficient company. They are good and fair to their employees and work fast on getting them jobs.

NIKKI M.My experience with Rita Staffing has absolutely changed my life! They assisted me in obtaining what I consider to be the career of a lifetime as they were able to see what I could truly offer an employer in reference to my experience, personality, and objectives. I am all set and could not be happier! Owe it all to Janet and the team at Rita Staffing.